Xtra-Strength CBD & Cannabis Terpene Refills 0.5ml

Xtra-Strength CBD & Cannabis Terpene Refills 0.5ml

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Offering the best full spectrum CBD oil extract also containing CBG and CBDv, with only specific cannabis terpene profiles added to provide the particular mood for each requirement. 
100% organic - only steam and C02 used - 

Borosilicate Glass Dispenser.

Minimum Wholesale is 100 Units. 

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Delicious Super Lemon Haze terpenes give you the boost you need.


"As the name states this strain has real lemony characteristics. The smell is zesty, citrusy, and a little sweet. As for the taste, it's everything one would expect from the namesake; tart and sweet like lemonheads candy - not quite as sharp as one might expect. The effects are uniquely energetic and lively, may not be the best strain for those of us that are naturally wound-up tight."

- Leafly.com



Fresh Jack Herer with it's crisp flavours giving you that laser vision.


"Cured properly, the flowers have a deep floral bouquet with hints of orange and lemon zest. Breaking open the dense buds shows off more of the citrus scent along with a peppery kick. When burnt, the flowers give off a surprisingly clean and herbal scent, similar to sage. The very smooth and easy smoke tastes similarly herbal. Although not overwhelmingly pungent, Jack Herer leaves behind a lingering spicy-floral odor giving the general impression of potpourri."

- wikileaf.com




Tangie is a brand new kid on the block, ready to let the creative juices flowing, it's sure not to disappoint. Give it a try !


"With its citrus heritage, Tangie has a refreshing and sweet aroma like tangerines, distinguishing it from the other citrusy or fruity strains, mostly lemon or grape. Expect some Skunk scent and taste due to its lineage."

- wikileaf.com



The dank flavour of O.G. Kush for that relaxing moment you've been waiting for.


"OG Kush is cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria. It carries an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants."