Wholesale CBD and Cannabis Terpene Profiles

We welcome all wholesale, B2B, Partnerships, Licences, and Technical Training requests. We ship around the world and travel directly on site to your facility for technical training. Please write us an email to :


Nous Parlons Français, Parliamo Italiano, We Speak English, Hablamos Espanol.

Available : 

Products :

  • Bulk CBD Distillate (80%+) 
  • Bulk CBD Isolate    (99.9%)
  • Cannabis Strain Specific Terpenes
  • Mood Specific Cartridges (250+)
  • Refill Syringes for Cartridges (3ml)

Accessories :

  • Stealth Batteries with Magnetic Connector
  • Refillable Cartridges (0.5ml)
  • Magnetic Connector Junctions

Looking forward to a growing Partnership, we value your patronage and are committed to providing the best services available.


CBD Partners & Novacaeli Teams